Quote of the day

It’s not the daily increase but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential.

-Bruce Lee


My mind matters

I hope everyone is having a great weekend thus far.

I know the stressful working week is just around the corner ( I had to bring it up)

But I have composed a few tips to help anyone who is under pressure, stress etc.. Just to help get back on track, I found these very helpful.

Have a look see what you think. All comments and add ons welcome.

Here goes:

Find out what triggers your stress

You can then think about what you can stop doing or change to be able to manage the triggers better.

Sort out your worries

Divide them into those that you can do something about (either now or soon) and those that you can’t.

Get organised

Make a list of jobs; tackle one task at a time; alternate dull tasks with interesting ones.

Take control

Get started by doing one task you feel you can manage; for example, making an appointment or doing the dishes.

Take a regular break

Give yourself a brief break when you feel things are getting on top
of you – get a hot drink or a glass of water or take a short stroll.

List your achievements

When you have done something you feel proud of, write it down.
Remember to include the everyday tasks, like shopping, or preparing a meal. When you feel stressed, read the list to give yourself a boost.

Be active

Physical activity can help you feel calmer, stronger, and better able to deal with emotional stresses. Try something you enjoy e.g. walking the dog, dancing, playing a sport or gardening.

Get a different perspective

Discussing your problems with someone else can help you get ideas about new ways of dealing with your problem or stress. Sharing your thoughts can also help you feel calmer and listened to.