New Job Blues

I just started a new job a few weeks ago. At first it was great, my confidence was up and I finally felt like I had landed. Training was very minimal a week and a bit  induction, and I was told “wait til after christmas and everything will be sorted”. A week before christmas I was shipped out of my own store and sent to another under the disguise of “retraining”. Unfortunately when I arrived I found that the new store was severly understaffed and that I was just another body to help out. The other manager did what he could but it was christmas after all so I rolled my sleeves up and got on with it.

Then I got a letter the other day saying that my review was coming up and that it would be chaired by somebody i’ve only met for 25 mins. And that if I failed to meet requirements I could fail my probation and that it would be curtains for me.

I know a new job is a mashup of  crossedwires, and silly mistakes and anxiety, but thats part of the learning curve until you find your feet. Isn’t it?

I knew this job was going to be tough, but this tough? Never. There seems to be a lot of politics going on and nobody is talking to me about it. And that sucks!

I’ve got another week before my review but again i’m not in my own store. Its not affecting my health but it is beginning to play on my mind a bit.

What do I do? Do I soldier on and treat this as another challenge that will not defeat me? Or, do I change direction and not look back?

Its a toughie but a biggie