Life coaching

Anybody got any experience using a life coach?

How can they help?

Are they worth the money?

Care to share, good, bad, indifferent?


3 thoughts on “Life coaching

  1. I believe in being your own coach. More difficult I know…
    Look to see what’s wrong by use of the evidence of your actions and words, the way your react to life that comes your way, the content and intensity of your silent thoughts…
    Look to learn what it is about your own nature that you like and dislike…
    Become aware of YOU…
    Find ways to change…
    Look to see what you admire in others, then work on that aspect of yourself…
    I think a person can be their own best teacher and coach.

    • I agree with you, but what if you need a push in the right direction. An outside view sometimes gets you thinking more clearly. Points out what has sometimes been staring you in the face.

      Also though I think by having someone else there, it makes you answerable to someone. Forcing you to be more accountable for your actions or lack of.

      Just my thought at the minute, that’s why I was looking for some stories from people who have tried coaches. The good the bad etc…

      • Yes, you’re right actually. I had to be shown which direction to put my efforts before I could perceive that it was there.
        Unfortunately, I can no longer recommend the teacher I had. It was a strange situation where I had to leave in order for the lessons to settle down and make sense.
        Good luck in your search.

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