laranita’s free content source: used by spammers?

Posted on July 3, 2014
I was asked by a ‘comment’ on this blog (not approved, eh?) to google the first four words of the title above. When I do, I find this page, in which you will find several things of interest.

For example, the very first sentence, which reads:

WordAI rewrites articles like human does, this is revolution in content creation.

there are two, perhaps three, grammatical errors. I would rewrite this as:

WordAI rewrites articles as a human does; this is a revolution in content creation.

The site intends to allow you to copy articles, and rewrite them for you, such that Google does not recognize them but is impressed by ‘your’ content. See this quote:

That enhanced AI helps WordAi rewrite text and to instantly spin entire phrases and even articles, guaranteeing Google cannot discover your site content whereas staying totally readable!

This would be funny if it weren’t such a pain in the backside. I get far too many ‘rewritten texts’ with about this level of English smoothness, grammar, and accuracy.

So, a warning for all you spammers of blogs. We will report you to your providers. We will expose you on our blogs.

In short, go somewhere else. You are not welcome here.


13 thoughts on “laranita’s free content source: used by spammers?

  1. Thanks for your post, I received the same comment on my blog too and was wandering how genuine that could be till I finally found your post addressing the same issue. I agreed with you, It’s time to start exposing them and I’ll also advise them to find something worthwhile to do with their time rather than spaming.

  2. How strange! Suggesting a writing tool for people who clearly have a passion for writing, which also has the potential to plaigerise their blog. Yes … this suggestive comment appeared in my comments and appreciate that you took the time to investigate; in doing so you are saving time for other bloggers.

    • Too much rubbish around the internet these days. I understand that some business’ have to have a target audience and they have to reach them, but not at the expense of the normal person. Especially trying to hijack sites and spoil it for everyone. Thank you for checking out my blog by the way

  3. Hi, I received the same thing this morning, and wasn’t sure what to do about it – not sure about all this spam thing, so it was good to be able to hear your advice. Many thanks

  4. # I’m still developing my medical blog, you can as well check it out! I got the same comment on my blog, just few minutes ago, and I googled to check before I stumbled into this site. Thanks for explaining!

  5. Thank you so much for the warning. Not that I would want rehashed content, but I also don’t want my visitors to see the comment if it may lead them down that path.

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