Daily motivator

Get up and get to work

If you’re disillusioned with life, get up and get to work. Do something useful, get yourself busy making a difference, and you’ll soon feel your faith in life being renewed.

If you’re frustrated or angry about something, get to work. Before long, you’ll find your focus shifting from the problems and frustrations to the possibilities and opportunities.

If you’re tired and weary, stop and rest for a little while, but not too long. Then get back up, get yourself working on something meaningful, and you’ll feel a renewed sense of energy.

It’s natural to feel lousy when you’re not making a contribution to life, but the answer is not to curse the lousy feeling. The answer is to get yourself doing something that will truly matter.

No matter how young or old or strong or infirm you may be, there’s good and useful work you can do in your own special way. Assume that there’s something valuable you can do, and from that perspective you’ll discover new and energizing ways to lift up life.

If life is troubling you or even if it’s not, get up and get to work. Make a difference with your efforts, and you’ll make your own life immensely better.

— Ralph Marston


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