This says it all



9 thoughts on “This says it all

      • It’s fantastic. I’m going to reblog it to remember this attitude.

        Just shrinking from something I sort of don’t want to do. The universe is ready for me but I am trying to hold onto my comfortable cave as the ground crumbles beneath me. That’s all. LOL.

        How are you?

      • I say let that ground disappear and spread your wings and soar, burn your bridges and go forth !! As for me I’m in a good place at the present time, about time I say

      • Problem is…I’m at the door now. Dream wants to know, are you gonna walk through? Make me a reality? But all I know is struggle, so I’m scared. 😦

      • Something would be wrong if you were not scared!! But don’t let the fear paralyse you, hold you back, stop you from being the person you are destined to be. One day at a time is the best policy, baby steps forward

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