New year update

I hope everyone is well!!

A few months back I wrote that the 3 key areas of my life I wanted to improve were
A: health
B: emotions
C: career

Well here is an update on the health front I have been working out regularly and have lost 14lbs (pretty good eh!!) add that to being able to fit into some clothes that I though were destined to get lost in the back of my wardrobe, never to be seen again.

Secondly whoever said healthy body, healthy mind was spot on. With more energy I’m thinking clearer and I feel I am a lot sharper at picking things up,
a bit more tactful and have in general been happier.

Thirdly, I have been offered a new job role, I start next week. So new positive thinking, more energy and a willingness to move forward and so far 2014 is not too bad.

Well that’s the first quarter of the year over so here’s to the next. I’m gonna have to get working on my strategy.

Let me know how your year is going. We can keep each other on the right path together.

Stay hungry


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