Dedicate this week to you

Hello everyone,

Let’s begin this upcoming week with a question:
what will be better because of you? This week, whose life will you touch? Who will you encourage? Who will you tell; “Give it one more try, it’s not over!”.
Many of us go through the day on autopilot, thinking that what we do and what we say makes no difference. We go through the day reacting, instead of responding. We go through the day trying to fly under the radar, instead of trying to stand out. And we try to leave things as they were, instead of better.

What will be different because of you? I challenge you to ask yourself that question everyday for the next week.

Some more questions to think about are:
What is something you can do for your family, to make something easier or better?
What can you do in your relationship to make your partner or close friends, feel more loved and appreciated?
What can you do at the workplace to improve the energy, productivity or vision?

You can even start much smaller, but with just as much meaning.
Who can you give a smile to?
How will you show your kindness, compassion and patience?
Who can you be a listening ear for?

It is very important, that you believe what you do matters. You must know that you have a profound ability to touch and improve the lives and attitudes of those around you. Recognise it. Call upon it. Use it!
Dedicated this week to that!


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