Make your mark


5 thoughts on “Make your mark

      • OMG, I agree. That IS WHERE THE MENTAL TOUGHNESS comes in (and continuation of monitoring goals). I am seriously trying. You keep at it too!!!

        HEY, this gave me an idea for a blog. Going to invite people who read my blog to list one big goal they are working on and I will list one. Then I will encourage everyone to visit the folks on the list and either ask them how it’s going or encourage them toward it in a way they think might inspire them to keep toward it.

        Dunno. What do you think? Would you like something like that?? 🙂

      • good idea!!! everyone who puts an idea down on paper though has to seriously think “what is my #1 goal to achieve” and the one they can’t look past. Definately a idea that will work. Everyones own mentoring and motivating resource

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