The root of our lives is about resisting uncertainty, reaching for a safety zone, but uncertainty is a constant in life and in leadership. And when uncertainty leads to doubt and fear, we find ourselves stuck.

So how do we handle uncertainty?

We can either fight it or lean into it.
We can either fear it or embrace it. We can either control it or try to engage it.
We can either battle it or we can become comfortable with it.

To lead forward in uncertainty:

We can accept
Acknowledging and accepting that there will be uncertainty, we can keep an open heart and mind.

We can observe
When we become observers, we can look outside of ourselves, and we do not need to get trapped in our own difficulties or drama.

We can let go
When we let go of the notion we can control everything, we free ourselves from the illusion we are in control.

The wisdom of uncertainty is to stay present and accept it, observe it and let it go.


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