No Excuses

When I was young, my dad taught me one of the most important lessons of my life:

“It takes just as much time to do
something, as it does to do nothing.”
Think about that for a minute.
Two people can spend an hour engaged in an activity.  They’ll both spend the exact same amount of time.  60 minutes will have gone by either way.
Yet one can have spent that hour getting something accomplished and moving their life forward toward their goals.
And the other one can have complete wasted their time, getting nothing done and being no further ahead in any area of their life than they were an hour before.
I’d rather be the former.  Not the latter.
I’m the kinda guy that likes to be doing stuff.  Always getting better.  Always learning.  Always moving forward.
Now don’t get me wrong – I like to mess around as much as the next guy. I like a good movie, and I have a few TV shows I definitely like watching.
But if you check out my Netflix Instant cue, you’ll see mostly documentaries.  Why?
Because I enjoy learning.  Getting smarter. Becoming better.
Being a better version of myself each and every single day. I want to know that when I go to bed at night, that I’m in some way at least a little
better than I was when I woke up that morning. And I believe you should be constantly striving in the 3 most important areas of
life – mental, spiritual, and physical.
When it comes to the physical, people like to make excuses all the time.  There’s always some ‘reason’ they can’t get their workouts in.
Usually, people try to tell me they don’t have the time to get workouts in.  Or they don’t have anywhere to train.  Or no equipment.
Remember procrastination is NOT your friend!!
A great quote: Those who want to,  find a way, those who don’t,  find an excuse.

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