A List of some favourite Chat up Lines

Statistics tell us that a massive 68% of us have been chatted up. So to mark that useless information I have decided to compile a list of my favourite chat up lines. Because we can all do with a laugh. Now, before we start some are rude, some are crude and some are funny. These are my picks!

Have a look and add your own favourites.

1: Put a crash helmet on, you are going through the headboard tonight.

2: Hi, I’m Mr Right, someone told me that you were looking for me.

3: Are them things real?

4: Why don’t you come back to my place, I’ve got a bottle of taboo with your name on it.

5: Ask a girl to feel your jumper and then say “what material is that?” She will venture a guess then you say “boyfriend material.”

6: Do you have pet insurance?… well you’re gonna need it once I’ve smashed your pussy.

7: I have only three months to live

8: Nice cans, can I maul you?

9: Did it hurt? When you fell out of heaven

10: Is it hot in here or is it you?

That’s  a taster of some of the lines going around. Let me know if any of them have worked for you. Or if you have better!!


One thought on “A List of some favourite Chat up Lines

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