What is the best newspaper headline you have ever seen?

This is another. I mean that’s just majestic. You know that if you went anywhere near actually reading that story all it could possibly do would be to disappoint.

The Classics

These are pretty much the go-to answers whenever someone asks you what the best headline of all time is.

Let’s, uh, not talk about this one too much.

You just know there was a New York Post sub-editor crying quiet tears of joy when this story was placed on their desk.
Again, let’s not contemplate the actual story too much. Yowsers.

This is at least as good as most Shakespeare.

The Sex Pun

This is what it’s all about y’know. The offhand salacity, the cheeky wink, the understated reference to the old sexy sex that is to newspapers what the characters of Seaman Staines and Master Bates were to Captain Pugwash. Makes all the stories about finance worthwhile.

Thank You, Comedy Gods.

It’s strange to think that a newspaper that features topless girls on page three of every edition would be one for sex puns, but hey, that’s The Sun for you.

Surely George couldn’t have been too bitter about his scandal given that he was able to provide this headline to the world. Sublime.


Look, it’s about sex and that’s all you need to know.

This sounds like a very literal use of the word “rampage”. Potentially also the word “steamy”. Not really sure what anti-freeze does to one’s oesophagus.

Wordplay still seems a bit beyond the Ugandan press. Best part about this is that up until the explanatory second headline this story could have been about consensual sex between a pastor and a hobo. Also, you’ll notice that the two photos have subtitles that read “ACCUSED” and “SHAFTED”. Subtle.


World Cup Headlines

Keeping it topical.

The US loses with dignity.

And, finally, the Illawarra Mercury celebrates the opening of the World Cup with one of the most immaculate front covers to ever be printed.

Some great headlines there, we could all be doing with a laugh. If you have anymore post them here.


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