Are you W.A.R?





Willing: wanting to change: when the difference between where you are now, and where you want to be, is big enough to start a process of change

– Able : having the resources: confidence, skills, network,… This is often where people block, because they think they don’t have the resources, that they can’t ‘sell’ themselves. In fact, with some effort, you can find many resources to support your plans. Some of the exercises in the next steps (1 and 2) will help you discover your skills, your values, and build your confidence; active networking (step 5) is a very useful technique, as is information interviewing (step 6). There are quite a few people out there who are willing to help you, if only you ask…

Also, ‘selling’ yourself is much more effective if you can communicate your enthusiasm for a particular job, or activity – in fact, being honest and direct will ‘sell’ you much better than any rehearsed sales talk designed to mostly impress or convince (see article ‘Motivation : the key to your dream job’).

– Ready : is it the right time/priority? This is really for you to decide; many factors can play here. One note: Just make sure that your reasons for saying it is not the right time, are the ‘real’ ones. Sometimes, fear of failure, or worse, fear of success can bring us to step back from taking action. Fear of failure, because this might confirm our worst fears about ourselves. Fear of success: if we succeed, we would have to let go of our ‘failing’ ideas about ourselves – and very often we identify ourselves so much with our failures and our lack of ability (or what we think are our failures and our lack of ability) that without them, we don’t know who we really are. Being a successful person may seem like becoming a stranger to oneself, and it may be of a certain comfort to stay with what we know…..


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