Powerful thinking

Powerful thinking

I read an article the other which asked the question “what is more productive, positive or powerful thinking?”

This article woke that hamster up in my head and the wheel started turning which got me thinking, positive or powerful?

How many times have you stood in front of the mirror and said something like “you are going to have a fantastic day?”  This is all very well and good, but how many times have you done this and didn’t believe a word of it? This then turns out to be a pointless exercise. Then that motivational speech you gave yourself was just wasted energy. Then you end up more demotivated than you did beforehand. We are all inspired to tell the truth, that’s why affirmations can’t work if we are not true to ourselves.

That’s where powerful thinking comes into play. In order for any increase in positivity you have to BELIEVE in what you want and that you are capable, and willing to get it.

Little energy in your desire, little energy in action, little accomplishment.

Abundant energy in your desire, abundant energy in action, abundant accomplishment

So, the Desire needs to store abundant energy . We need to first ensure that there is abundant energy stored in our desire and only then should we release it. In other words act or execute only when the desire is powerful.

So the question is how do we make our desires powerful?

To start with, many thoughts can never lead to a powerful desire. A thought needs energy to be fulfilled. Everybody has thousands of thoughts per day. The thought which is also your desire gets totally lost in this pool of thoughts.

So in other words if we reduce the number of thoughts we have per day and really focus on the ones we really want, there is more energy going into each one and the results will be highly effective.

The highly effective constantly endeavor to reduce the number of thoughts to one. Therefore action will be swift and effortless, and accomplishments will be instant and certain.
Easier said than done I know, but good luck


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