Be Grateful For Small Things

When you’re having a bad day, be grateful and give thanks for some of the little things we have.

Here is a  list of things that we often take for granted. When you start thinking about everything you can’t control, it’s helpful to remember and appreciate all the little things that work in your favor most days.

The little things that usually go right:

  1. You woke up breathing. No matter what happens in the hours ahead, you can come back to your breath for a sense of peace and presence.
  2. You have the freedom to choose what you’ll do today, even if you have some limitations. Sometimes we take it for granted, but what we do on a daily basis truly is our choice.
  3. You had a bed to sleep in. Even if you didn’t get as much sleep as you’d like to, you had the opportunity to rest somewhere relatively peaceful and safe.
  4. There isn’t a hurricane, tornado, typhoon or other natural disaster going on outside your door.
  5. You have the means to eat three meals today.
  6. Your roof isn’t leaking copious amounts of water directly on your head.
  7. Your significant other is alive and healthy, albeit a loud snorer, an off-key shower singer, or a consistent maker of ridiculously strong coffee.
  8. Your shower works—with hot water—meaning you don’t have to go to work with bed-head or skin that smells like night sweat.
  9. If you don’t have work to go to, you have endless possibilities for your future. Right now might be a little uncomfortable, but your future is completely open, ready to be seized and enjoyed.
  10. The sun is shining, giving you all those feel-good brain chemicals (the sun actually increases serotonin production—it’s a natural mood lifter!)

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