The spotlight of excellence

This visualisation exercise recreates the mental state  associated with past performance success and will help you in bridging the gap  between your ability and confidence:

  • Imagine a huge spotlight beaming down on the floor one  metre in front of you. The light beam is about a metre in diameter.
  • Now think back to a time in your sporting career when you  were performing at the very peak of your ability – perhaps using he first  column from Exercise 1 to guide you. Each movement you made brought about a  successful outcome and everything just seemed to flow without much conscious  effort.
  • In a dissociated state (ie looking at yourself from the  outside) examine each of your five senses. See yourself inside the circle and  excelling. Imagine exactly what the ‘you’ inside the circle is seeing, hearing,  feeling, and smelling. Notice the ‘taste of success’ in your mouth.
  • Now step into the spotlight and become fully associated so  that you are experiencing events through your own eyes and in real time. Again,  notice what you are seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting.
  • Notice exactly what this feels like so that you can  reproduce it at will whenever your confidence is waning.

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