The secrets of success

An outstanding medical doctor once pointed out six steps that will help
you realize success:

1. Set yourself a definite goal.
2. Quit running yourself down.
3. Stop thinking of all the reasons why you cannot be successful, and instead,
think of all the reasons why you can.
4. Trace your attitudes back through your childhood, and try to discover where
you first got the idea you couldn’t be successful, if that’s the way you’ve
been thinking.
5. Change the image you have of yourself by writing out a description of the
person you would like to be.
6. Act the part of the successful person you have decided to become!

The doctor who wrote those words is the noted West Coast psychiatrist, Dr David
Harold Fink. “

What are you waiting for ? Alter your life by altering your attitude of mind !

The only person stopping you from making your Mark is YOU

New week team talk


Use your time wisely this week. Don’t be over complicating things that pop up throughout the week by over analysis. Look at situations and take them at face value.

Take one day at a time, get a structure in place and stick to it. Anything new that appears, put it on your list but don’t let it take over your planned day.

Make this week a great one. One you look back on and marvel at how much you accomplished. Let this be the week that sets of a positive chain reaction and sets you on your way to being the best


that you can be!

Now go make your Mark.