Motivation Monday – strength to overcome

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Kids are cute. And funny. Years ago, when helping my little cousin with her homework, she would occasionally say to me, “Can you do this one? It’s too hard.” With a little nudge and a tiny hint, she would complete the problem. Success! Or strength!

Random story, but I think the “I give up” mentality can happen to us, too. Lifting the same weights, running at the same speed, and doing the same exercises can be comforting. It’s easy. It’s routine. But do we continue to gain strength that way? Do we make progress?

In order to make a difference in our health and fitness, we have to overcome the things we thought we couldn’t do. We have to remember that we’re stronger than we think. We have more perseverance than we previously thought.

With the right mindset, we can overcome our barriers. Once we knock those down, the result…

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